Oral History Interviews

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With some of these songs ... there's a subtle food in the air. ... It clears these divisions that we are subject to all the time.

And it starts to open up a possibility of being able to see one another and hear one another in a way that is maybe more real, maybe more just as we are in all of our questions and vulnerability.

That door can open up there. And from there you can really ... start to call something else. And if you start to call something else, well, be prepared for that to answer you. 

-Lloyd Bricken


There’s work to be done here. And this is what God wants me to work at. And He is so awesomely good.


I wanted to do foreign missions, but guess what? He has brought so many countries to Frances.

-Mrs. Frances Ford


It's a vital role in the church. You really have to take it seriously. And it's not about how you sound.

It's all about making a joyful noise. And [that's] when it really reaches God's heart. And if it touches God's heart you know it's going to touch the people.

It's kind-of like a reminder for me why I do what I do, and I do it because it does, it brings me so much joy.

-Dr. Pilar Murphy



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So I would stand in the hallway every morning and our children would come in for breakfast, and they would be walking in line.

And then it started. And students would come in and say can I talk to you? And I said yes and I would listen, and their stories were heartbreaking.... 


And I started listening and then they found someone that they can trust and talk to. And I found someone that I could listen to. And it has made a big difference...

They know I could go out there and kick their tails, and not put up with anything, and nothing would be said because you know the other side of the coin is we're going to do what we've got to do here.... I just have high expectations for them.


-Dr. Cathy Trimble



I just think it happens because music breaks the human down to the simplest form.


I mean music doesn't have a color, it doesn't have an identity, you know it doesn't have a race, it doesn't have a gender. It's for everybody.

-Issac Lanier III


I feel like when they see us connect, it makes them want to connect too. If they see us put on and be negative towards each other it'll make them be negative towards each other.


Once they see us vibe and be positive and don't throw shade, they have a better vibe between each other. They want to learn from each other's way.

-Tony DeVaughn