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"...I think you’ll respond, as I have, to the spiritual nourishment this music provides.

I think you’ll find a deep rootedness, a groundedness, a solid sense of place in these old music traditions...."


-Beth McGinnis

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"So the song was taking place in the bodies of the people.


And articulating around it and in it and through it, that's what is the song.


Not just her voice or what she's singing, but the song was moving through all them."

-Lloyd Bricken

The African descendants are full human beings. Being human beings, they continually have dreams...wishes...desires...and feelings.


The African descendants that built the material richness of the contemporary world just were capable of surviving the violence of slavery, of racism, because they carried a lot of nutrients--spiritual nutrients.

-Salloma Jovino Sallomão and

Luciano Mendes de Jesus

But those songs that I sang when I was a little girl and am still singing now, it’s like they are just in my heart. I’ll never forget them. They are a part of me.

-Dr. Pilar Murphy

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Music breaks the human down to the simplest form.


I mean music doesn't have a color, it doesn't have an identity, it doesn't have a race, it doesn't have a gender.


It's for everybody.

-Issac Lanier III

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